Man Ride 2017. Turning chaos into control.

Raising awareness for Men’s Mental Illness.

Man Ride 2017 is a truly global effort and we want you involved. On October 1, 9 locations around the world will come together to raise awareness for Men’s Mental Illness by doing something crazy on a bike. A 200-kilometre ride, for men and women, designed to push you to the extreme, physically and mentally. We don’t want your donation, just you and your bike. After all, that is one of the best ways we know to cure a chaotic mind.

In conjunction with Man Ride Day, we are sending 8 guys and gals to the very top of Wales in search of some of the most testing conditions experienced on two wheels. One thousand kilometres from the rugged peaks of Snowdonia, Wales to the bustling heart of London.

Fifty per cent of men have had a mental problem at some point in their life. One in eight men suffer from depression. One in five men suffer from anxiety. Eight people die from suicide every day. Five of those are men. Men are four times more likely to die from suicide than women. Working men aged 25 – 54 account for the largest number.

The Man Ride is unashamedly all about the Man. Raising awareness for a subject that is treated like a dark secret and shining a light on the growing rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. The purpose of The Man Ride is simple. It’s for the people we care about. It’s for every single man in the community. Young men. Old men. New fathers. Old fathers. High Achieving Men. Men in rural and remote areas. Unemployed men. Men with illness. The rates of depression amongst men are tragically high and ever increasing. This issue can no longer be hidden away. We are lending our voice and influence, and hope you will too.

“I don’t like standing near the edge of a platform when an express train is passing through. I don’t like to stand by the side of a ship and look down into the water. A second’s action would end everything. A few drops of desperation.” Winston Churchill

What can we do?

The importance of exercise, for our group of motivated young males, is enormous. It’s do-it-yourself mind health. Exercise releases chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin that help improve your mood. It also exposes you to the world around you, can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation and put you in touch with other people.

Turn to our mates.
Our mates are often the most important part of life and can often be the first port of call. Whether it’s a night out, going to the footy, or heading out for a ride, our friends get us away from the stress of life and into a zone where we can talk about the hinderances that are affecting our lives. For all their occasional faults, our mates also have a collective wisdom and can draw on their own experiences. The hardest part is opening to them in the first place. But know they are there for you.

Lose the bravado.
The myth that men should keep their feelings to themselves is often what leads them down a dark path. A fleeting glance at the statistics about men and their minds and you will quickly realise that you are not alone. Bottling up your feelings, not talking about the stuff that is stressing you out will become a time bomb. You are not weak, you are not sick. But you are not superhuman either. Sharing your feelings with people that matter will benefit the way you feel, and help dissipate your issues of darkness.

The Man Ride UK is a coming together of former pro athletes, managing directors, storytellers and mere mortals. What unites them is their passion and desire to make a difference about the worrying statistics that surround Men’s Mental Illness. Creating a conversation. September 25 – October 1

Wales – London.
Stage 1 – Holyhead to Aberystwyth
stage 2 – Aberystwyth to Carmarthen
Stage 3 – Carmarthen to Cardiff
Stage 4 – Cardiff to Bristol
Stage 5 – Bristol to London



John Polson (MD, Black Sheep)
Nik Howe (Content Director, Black Sheep)
Ian Whittingham ( Director, Sigma Sport)
Juliette Landon (Communication)
Lucy Mannall (Bike Fit Technician)
Mique Rueda (Pro Cyclist)
Jason Roberts (Celebrity Chef)
Daniel Redwood (Product Designer)

As was the case with the inaugural The Man Ride, the key focus of the 2017 edition is the production of a documentary to inspire and broaden the conversation about Men’s Mental Illness. The premiere of The Man Ride Documentary will coincide within the same week as World Mental Health Day, and air on October 12.

One Day.
October 1 will mark the inaugural The Man Ride Day. Men and women from all around the world will join together to lend their voice to the conversation on Men’s Mental Illness.

Nine Locations.
No corner of the world will be left unturned in our quest raise awareness of Men’s Mental Illness. Each worldwide location will take part in a specially designed 200km route to help raise awareness for this very credible cause.

One Cause.
We want you to Join the conversation. Join the ride. We want you to use the power of the bike and the significance of your local community to help promote change.

Sunday Oct 1.
Join the conversation. Join the ride.

The Chaos Collection is a Special Release by Black Sheep Cycling for the Man Ride. Previewed at each of the 8 Global Man Ride Locations around the world on Sunday October 1, and online for purchase on Wednesday October 4 at A percentage of profits will ensure a mental health sufferer is able to receive help.

The Chaos Collection symbolises the chaotic mind, a reality that many people are faced with. Harnessing this chaos, where one’s perception of reality is taken to incredible levels, is something that creatives, executives and athletes achieve through superhuman levels of imagination and brilliance. Yet often the fine line is walked, where the chaos becomes overwhelming and incapacitating. Accepting that this is life, for many, is something we all have to do and appreciate. People are beautiful, capable of immense brilliance and unmatched compassion. Take people for what they are – brilliant and flawed.

Released Online. Wednesday Oct 4

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